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Project Description
Low- and high-level class libraries encapsulating the PogoPlug API.

A PogoPlug is an in-home device for exposing large (multi-terabyte) amounts of storage to the Internet without having to lease storage from a provider. It has both a SOAP and REST API that's still in flux, therefore largely un- or poorly documented. In fact, the support staff recommends sniffing the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) flow from a logged-in PogoPlug web session (with tools like Firebug) to work out what the API currently looks like.

This project wraps the PogoPlug API with C# classes in two levels: a low-level internal API that thinly wraps the REST commands and forms the foundation for a higher-level public API that imposes a logical interface structure over the PogoPlug devices and services. The idea is that, as the native REST API changes, ripples can be (hopefully) contained to the low-level API or, at worst, the implementation of the public API, insulating programmers using the public interfaces from the changes in the back room.

This project relies on a modified version of the most excellent RestSharp library, and the changes used here have being submitted to the maintainers of that project for their review. Should they choose to accept those changes into their sourcebase, we'll remove that project from the solution and simply reference their code.

PogoPlug.NET is released under the Apache License, version 2.0.

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